wondering softly

2 Nov

I probably shouldn’t be writing a blog post right now, but here I am, in the art room, blogging away. There are still ten minutes left in the period and I’ve already cleaned up my printing stuff (the print, btw, looks fabulous and I will take a picture of it to show the world) and have no motivation to do anything else. So, here I am. Blogging.
Today has been an okay day, I suppose, nothing fabulous, nothing nonfabulous. Wil is back, he’s not hacking/coughing/wheezing, which is a relief.
I have to redo my chemistry lab.
Been listening near-obsessively to Amnesiac and White Denim’s Paint Silver Gold. The former is electronica eargasm-worthy, the latter is Black Keys-esque insanity followed by an epic breakdown. Daaayum! Great sounds!
Right. I may get around to blogging later tonight, but it’ll probably be a short post like this one.


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