please stop staring, rooster

1 Nov

Made meringues today! They are delicious and fabulous indeed. I will probably be eating them for a few more days unless my parents/sister devour them all in a frenzy. That would be terrible.

Anyway, writing this in pain, my sentences will probably be fragmented and sharp, same as the stabbitty stabs from my stomach. Argh it sucks, it sucks to be a lady. Cramps are terrible, terrible beasties; I wish they’d go away.

So last night, Halloween, I invited a few friends over, grabbed my guitar, and settled in for a few hours of porching. There were a lot of kids. There were a lot of not-original costumes. BUT! There was a dude dressed as Cloud (who I only recognised because of the huge sword) and a girl dressed as a Sailor Scout (Sailor Mercury, I believe), both of which made my day. Er, night. There were depressingly few zombies.

We ran out of candy around 7:30, and quickly ran around to the back porch so we would not be haggled by scores of small children. Then we proceeded (in a rather hasty decision) to vamoose down the hill in my backyard and go to the playground at the bottom of said hill. Hannah decided to roll, along with Ben. There was much shrieking.

After futzing around down there for a few minutes, we decided to call Clayton (another friend of ours) and ask him where in the hell he was. Having acquired said coordinates, we walked for fifteen minutes (sugar highs are wonderful fuel for pointless expiditions) until said Clayton was in view. I tackleglomped him to the ground, then promptly abandoned him and went to see our math teacher.

Aah, a nice Halloween.

In other news, the new Flaming Lips record came out today, I have yet to download it, but hopefully I can maybe coerce Wil to burn me a copy. I feel pretty bad about constantly asking him for CDs, but I am poor and have no money at the moment (redundant), and he has good music tastes and lots of CDs. Sorry, Wil.

Kind of excited for this next week, play practice will be fun and there’s a PARTY! at Maddie’s house which I am very eagerly looking forward to. Hopefully I am actually allowed to go and not held back by my somewhat protective parents. My mother wants to tag along; I am not thrilled about this but hell, if it means I can go I’m okay with it.

Ugh. Still stabby. Better take some Ibeproufen.

Is it a bad thing that as soon as I wrote that I immediately thought of the “moloko with knives in it” from A Clockwork Orange? Man, I love that book. Parents have only seen the movie, so they’re a little freaked out that I like it, but I merely enjoy the first few chapters and the slang – oh, the slang!- and the message. I have the edition with the final chapter, and it is immensely gratifying to realize that Alex might have become a part of normal society (though secretly I am rooting for his anarchist ultra-violent ways. Meh, he’s an enigmatic antihero.)

patients need nintendo stat

Been reading Married To The Sea a lot recently, it is hilarious and regularly makes me “HA!” loudly, much to my chagrin. The following conversation takes place quite often in this household:

Me: “HA!”
Mother: “What are you doing?”
Me: “Looking at webcomics. They’re funny.”
Mother looks suspiciously over at computer monitor.
Me: “Really! That’s all!”

Grah curse my ability to not sound serious when I should sound serious and vice versa. Urrrghh.

Alright, done blogging. Will write more…uh, later.


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