many tiny elephants

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! I am psyched about it this year, despite being unable to take candy from the elderly. Lying in my bed right now, listening to Interpol and feelin’ pretty dang good.
I’m also pretty relieved, as I’ve finally realized my dilemma and I think the outcome will be pretty okay.
Moving on, y’know the woodcut I mentioned a few posts back? (if I ever did mention it…) If not, I’ll describe it: It’s basically a band poster for my fictional band, Mike Poons and the Bowery. (I’ve got half a mind to wrangle some instrument-adroit friends of mine and make it a reality.) So what’s so magnificent about it? I originally thought it would take approximately two months to carve out completely.
Took me a month. Now I can print it on Monday- I am looking forward to that so much, you have NO IDEA.
In other news, I’ve been looking through Failblog recently and it is hilarious. I giggle nonstop throughout reading it. I am on page 114, I believe.
Will blog more later today or tommorow.


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