in the town of dreamers

30 Oct

I am currently sitting on the couch, the last strains of Tio Bitar’s last song slowly moseying out through the maze of speakers on the walls, and I feel wonderful. It’s not that often that I really, legitimately feel great. I will proceed to savour this fantasticness, therefore, by eating some pizza I made. It’s coolin on the counter right now, but I am not nearly motivated enough to actually get up and grab it.
So, pseudo-Halloween today was great, my buddy Nathan and I were (respectively) Watson and Sherlock Holmes. I am tall and pretty skinny, he is short and stout, it worked out very well indeed. I am proud of our accomplishments.
Kind of wanting a box ‘o’ Dots right now, they are probably my favourite Halloween candy. Hopefully I can creep out a little and trick-or-treat for a few houses, though chances are I’ll just be handin’ out candy for small fry. Ah, to be small again.
I actually did try and write a blog post earlier today, but was distracted by Facebook and talking to Wil (he’s been out for three days with some sort of nasty sinus thing) so endedup writing a melancholy title and about three words. Sweet! It is languishing as a draft, maybe one day I’ll finish it. Maybe.
Might finish the Hourly Comic I started today, but I’m not feelin’ the fire. Maybe.
Whelp, s’bout it.

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