good evening sir, would you like a cosmopolitan?

22 Oct

I am feeling funky!

Seriously though, today was quite a good day, I had fun and didn’t end up hurting myself. Anyway. This weekend my mother has disappeared off to Albany, leaving my father in charge. My dad is a lot more less on-the-ball, persay, so I end up having to do a lot of stuff I don’t normally.

But. Tommorrow is Friday, so I don’t have to stress about any sort of school-related nonsense any longer. I kind of don’t want to go to sailing again, but I know I must. Ugh. This week has gone so quickly for me, what with play practices and homework and art and uurrr. Perhaps on Saturday Ryan and I will have our scanning party and I’ll finally get those pages up here or there.

Oh, my account, if anyone is wondering, is called “nannerspy”. Check out our musical compatability! Yeah! is great and delightful.

OH MAN OUR NUTELLA HAS LOST ITS SPREADABLE GOODNESS! WHAT WILL WE DO WITHOUT IT! Oh Hannah you are such a drama queen. It’s okay if someone put the Nutella in the fridge, it’ll survive. Jeez.

I tend to start my sentences with “oh” quite often, don’t I.

And GAH! I need more music! I need to broaden my horizons! I need to find some more Joy Division and Modest Mouse and The Doors and SO MUCH MORE…I disappoint people when they look through my iPod and only see one or two songs by someone. I tell them I have more at home, I just haven’t bothered to rip it, but no! No one believes me! I suppose I must just go and rip some more CDs, then. That shall be my mission for a few days, but not now as I am probably going to go and get my hand seized up from all that writing. G’damn.

Alright, probably will write much more tommorrow.



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