you swim with your rookers, not your glazzies

20 Oct

I am actually, legitimately stressed right now. I do not know why, but some anti-stress globule inside my head has dissolved, leaving me morose and no longer in my familiar state of joyful apathy.
Stress sucks! My mother is going up to Albany tomorrow, leaving me and my soeur alone with my dad, who has been irritable and wrathful for the last few days. And I have a shitload (pardon my french, but-) of work to do. Man I hate junior year. Everything I enjoyed last year has been forcefully wrenched from my grasp: a social life, time to spend drawing for dA contests and the like, beach-going days with my dear pals. Gone like dust motes.
I am one frustrated crumpet at the moment- going to go listen to some Sigur Ros, perhaps that will calm me down somewhat.


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