if i knew then what i know now

15 Oct

title took about five seconds to type correctly, dammit I am really bad at typing.

last night my dad (who had just gotten home) told me “You need to stop saying dammit. It’s a bad word.”

…I do say it quite often, don’t I. But I don’t swear other than that, ehhhh well I suppose I should stop that swearing.

Anyway, in other words, I am listening to Sleepyhead again and my god, this is such a great song. I’m sorry for my innecessant yelling about Passion Pit, but damn, this is an amazing album! Cannot stop listening to it. These earphones are only playing through one ear, what is that. I…I need better headphones because these are being nasty.

Oh yeah! Jay Reatard. Every time I see his last name I giggle a little, I am very immature. But he sings very nice and folksy and I LIKE it! It’s FAB! I actually had a sticker with his name on it for a while from Urban Outfitters, but I stuck it somewhere and do not remember where it went. I will probably just get the free song thing from iTunes or something. It’s good. I sort of want to say it reminds me of a live album that is not live. That doesn’t make any sense, but geez who cares I can make as little sense as I would like.

God I have so much homework today. I am one of those people who complain about the amount of homework innecessantly but somehow finish it really really quickly when I actually get down to it. URR MATH, WHY. WHYYYY.

Kind of wanting to listen to some Noah and the Whale at the moment, also a little bummed that we don’t have a CD store in the thirty-mile radius so I must order the new album online. Speaking of new albums…


Well they’re definitely releasing a new album, but I am not quite sure when. I heard one of the new tracks on Sirius radio, it is really, really good. I am excited about this, so excited I may actually buy it instead of waiting for Wil to and then bugging him about burning it for me. I am a terrible mooch. I really need to stop that…AND

This year is just packed with new album releases! I am stoked. I will never use that word again, but that is what my mood is at the moment. Take me for granted, mmkay? I have heard exactly one of the new songs and it is…eeh. It’s a little more electronic than their previous album, but you can tell they put some echoey effects on it as well. I’m not sure about it. But that’s only one track- hopefully they have some stuff like “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” stuck there as well.

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to go over to Ryan’s and scan my journal. The link to the new website will be very loudly posted on this one, so you can mosey on over there and check it out. It’ll probably be another blog, please comment generously upon it. I am writing a new journal at the moment (with an HOURLY COMIC!) and will probably scan that as well. That will be posted here.

gaah just cracked my back. I need to eat something or else I will be irritable for the rest of the day, and considering it is


that would be a terrible thing indeed. I like celebrating people’s birthdays. It makes me happy seeing them happy, but when others forget about mine I am a wrathful she-hulk.

I digress.



One Response to “if i knew then what i know now”

  1. clayton bradford 10/16/2009 at 9:26 pm #

    lol well she hulk dam’it idk what to say haha

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