stepping outside for steak burritos

14 Oct

god today is just great


man, it feels like friday or thursday or something but NO! It’s wednesday! It’s a freakin’ borin’ day in the middle of the weeeeeek!

I feel like I need to keep writing, so

I cannot for the life of me figure out any of the chords to White Denim’s Regina Holding Hands, despite verifying that my guitar is tuned correctly, the song is (hopefully) in a slightly-off key…maybe they just played it with very badly tuned instruments. It sounds really nice though. I will continue to chronicle my struggles with White Denim chords for your viewing pleasure.

Someone is reading this, at least. Someone searched for White Denim; whoever that is, I salute you. I salute you very much. Thanks for humouring my sad attempts at blogging.

Anyway, my mother is fabulous and has booked an “emergency” hair appointment tonight, I am eternally, eternally grateful. I kinda forget about my terrible hairdo until I glance in a mirror and UR CRINGE.

I drew an hourly comic yesterday, I have to scan it soon and place it upon this bloggorama. I will also maybe post it upon DeviantArt, unless I am struck blind and unable to function.


I digress. I am sitting in the PUB right now listening to Paulie and Hannah and Jamesey yell about things, it is very entertaining.

Gonna go to quiz bowl. See y’all. Will blog about Jay Reatard later (and his downright HILARIOUS last name.)



One Response to “stepping outside for steak burritos”

  1. Rien 10/14/2009 at 4:14 pm #

    i must say… im slightly disappointed… ryan lenau mentions are seeing an all time low in your recent posts…

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