undo buttons for life: handy

12 Oct

Oh god. I have just finished sobbing like a terrified child and am now red and sniffly- all because, intelligent person that I am, I decided that my bangs were getting too long and would require a trim.
I am not a hairdresser.
The outcome is too short and choppy, and since my hair is straight at the moment it looks like I have suddenly become a very tall, female oompa-loompa. My hair, which (thank God!) is just barely long enough to squish into a ponytail, is currently stuck into one. That is the only way these bangs look remotely okay.
Man I wish I could go back in time and tell my past self “NOOOOO!” or something like that. Maybe a little less frantic, as I certainly would kinda question the sanity of anyone who appeared in my bathroom shouting such slovos.
I think it is now my mission to incorporate that word into every post from here on out…somehow. We shall see if I am successful.
Gah I just looked in the mirror, I closely resemble Caleb Followill before he got his fame-mandated makeover. This is not a good thing, y’know. I cannot pull off the look of a male semi-redneck breakout rock star. No. Not in the least. And suddenly I am very frightened about play practice tommorrow. Ah well. Life will go on, hair will grow back.
And on that note, I’ll see ya tommorrow, guys.


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