snail clouds floating serenely across the sky

11 Oct

It is thundering quite mightily outside but I do not care because I am wrapped up cosily in my bed listening to Tio Bitar and then Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Both warm albums, I am kind of wishing that I’d burned Fanfarlo before the cd burner broke; would’ve been a perfect record for how I’m feelin at the moment.
Anyway, my weekend has been pretty amazing so far, Ryan’s gumbo shindig was fabulous and freaking spicy. We watched a horror movie called Teeth that is probably the scariest thing a man’s eyes have seen. It’s about a girl who has…well, teeth in her hoo-ha, which tend to bite off the schlongs of dudes trying to rape/sexually heal/molest her. Not pretty. The first guy she does it to is a seemingly nice guy who is suddenly succumbs to his “urges” and…and it is not pretty in the least. He’s yellin’ about his schlong, she’s yellin’ about the fact that she just kinda bit his schlong off and it wasn’t in her frickin’ mouth…
Man, they should show that to some horny ninth graders. They’ll be celibate for life.
I feel terrible about those last sentences, let’s move on.
Anyway. There is this brand-spankin’-new band called White Denim that do a song called “Regina Holding Hands” and it is SO GREAT. I cannot begin to describe it: maybe a bit of Okkervil River mixed with a little Flaming Lips mixed with a little Wilco… It’s good, whatever that means. It’s simple and sounds mildly Mo-Townish, or what I think Motown sounds like. You’ll have to hear it for yourself.
God I hate not having a home computer. Can’t draw anything to post on dA, can’t write any blog posts that keep up with my thoughts (it took me at least two minutes to write that sentence) , this tiny keyboard is freakin’ ridiculous. Come on, Apple. Not everyone’s fingers are that bloody small.

Blog more later. Ciao.

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