are you functioning correctly?

8 Oct

should we assess the amount of contact the gold-plated wires are allowing? Is there enough voltage to get your message across?

Today is behaving okay-ish, I have to write down all the things I may or may not be planning to do this weekend, since my parents are gone and I have been expressly forbidden to use the car. I currently have all of four things that I’m doin’-

  1. GUMBO at my friend Ryan’s. I am a freaking gumbo beast. I have to make rice. I love rice! Man Saturday is gonna be wicked awesome.
  2. BUCK ISLAND courtesy of my dear Lillian. Yay boats!
  3. MOVIES maybe, if people are willing! THREE DAY WEEKEND YAAAAAAY
  4. HOMEWORK which sucks. We’re going to gloss over that.

‘Sbout it. 

I have yet to download “Dig, Lazarus, Dig,” and I am not going to ask Wil until I get a CD burner so I may burn him a thank-you mix as…as…as thank you. I also have to burn one for Aquaintance Jake, due to his putting-up with me bothering him about Of Montreal NONSTOP. I will wait breathlessly for my Nick Cave goodness…maybe I’ll ask ‘im for Murder Ballads or somethin’  of the sort…eh.

I am still a little creeped out by the Flipper Babies, and this creepedoutness has not been helped by accidentally looking up a picture of a guy with a freaking EAR ON HIS ARM EW EW EW EW EW




I think I’m done blogging now, thanks very much


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