infinite barrels of monkeys

5 Oct

That is about how much fun I am having right now

even though a barrel of monkeys would not be fun, that would be terrible and probably rather smelly, if it is fact that chimps fling their excrement. Those darned excrement-flingers! I am going to use that as an insult from now until the day I am placed into a furnace.

Mondays are like devilspawn, they should be named after Loki or some angry Norse god, not Odin or Thor or Frey/Freya because they are shiny beasties. Loki wasn’t quite as shiny, why not name a reviled day after him and let him squirm for eternity! Ahaha no. That will never happen. If you feel the need to lobby for Lokiday, go on and do it. I’m not stoppin’ ya, compadres.

I actually listened to Pink Squares again today, it is a surprisingly good song and goes well with the electronica-mood I’ve been having for the last little while. Currently in my CD player: Loyalty For Loyalty. If they didn’t have ‘Against Privacy’ as their opening song for that album, it would be a complete bust; but they do, and it is great.  So great.

Anyway. I digress.

Currently writing this post on my dad’s company laptop, it is maddeningly slow and I cannot type properly on the keyboard, my hands are too big for the keys. I used to be able to type really fast on these kinds of keyboards, back when I wrote fanfiction on my laptop that was a model from circa-1999…it took about ten minutes to boot up, fifteen minutes to load Word, but only about five seconds to load Pinball. Guess which game I’m really good at? Yup. I’m a beast at Minesweeper as well.

To be honest, though, I am feeling quite good about life at the moment, it is shiny and fabulous AND

remember the rant about Ben Gibbard’s chops? I found this in the media gallery on this site, I guess I forgot to upload it:Sentient Chops

Past self, you earn a big hug. In fact, you earn the hugest hug I can give, which is pretty damn big.

People keep on succumbing to the mystery illness, so far about seventeen percent of the highschool population have gone home sick at one time or another. My mother is now requiring my sister and I to overdose on these terrible little vitamin C packets called Emergen-C. I usually enjoy these lovely things, especially the raspberry flavour, but no, these are the terrible citrus LITE version, with no sugar! THAT WAS WHAT MADE IT TOLERABLE IN THE FIRST PLACE!


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