hard row to hoe all by yourself

2 Oct

insert intelligent, witty, and/or sarcastic opening sentence here:

I hate my art teacher. I am currently painting this rather epic scene of a door covered in sand, but there are about five different colour schemes all separated by rips in the “paper” of the universe. I was almost finished laying down all the basics (it looks pretty good right now, actually) when up she comes, looks at it for about five seconds, and proclaims that it’s “hard to read” and that I need to make my blues “cooler”.


I had just finished all of this painting and you decide that I’m doing it wrong? You never told me how to use acrylic paints in the bloody first place! I was just doin’ what I thought was right!  Aargh, it’s still bothering me and I’m taking out my anger on poor Aaron over there. I’m sorry.

But Dungen has been really helping me draw lately, as well as Cold War Kids. I still rather enjoy them, though I don’t listen to them nearly as much as before, but still they are a great band and I cannot wait to hear their next album, which I hope will not fill up the negative silence between guitar licks and bass riffs.

I still need to give the new Noah and the Whale album a listen, if you need a reminder it is called The First Days of Spring and is rather somber, apparently. Will investigate presently.

Also, there is a terrible cold going around my school right now, approximately 20% of students are home sick, which is quite an achievement. A few years back we had an outbreak of whooping cough, but now this cold is taking over and everyone is freaked out that it might be…
Ah, excuse me, I meant H1N1. The hysteria of this not-really-that-amazing flu is sweeping the nation, when -surprise!- thousands of people die each year from the regular flu. Whatever keeps the media going, I suppose. I am a bit of a cynic about the media and news programmes, but things like that really legitemately bother me.

Listening to Sleepyhead again, the little tinkles in the background are one of the only things that can completely stop all processes goin’ in my mind. I had a great sentence planned for this next paragraph, but then the song started and FWAAH gone.

It is a little lonely without everyone in this room. It is very, very quiet. I am the only junior here,  watching as the seniors frantically try to make their senior pages, but I am not nearly motivated enough to do anything myself. Besides look for a nice picture to fill up some more space on here.



Polar bears are very, very ridiculously cute until they walk up to you, rear on their hind legs and slap you thirty feet onto cold, hard ice. Then they proceed to rip your limbs…you know, I’m not even going to finish that sentence, it was far too morbid for my discriminating tastes.


  • Dungen’s 4;
  • Rokkurro’s debut album that I cannot spell;
  • Beirut’s EP Lon Gisland;
  • White Denim;
  • Noah and the Whale’s First Days Of Spring;
  • Black Key’s Thickfreakness (or their most recent album, the one with Your Touch)
  • Of Montreal’s latest album

I’d say that’s about it. I don’t think I can deal with much more music after that; unless, of course, Death Cab releases a new album. I’ll be all over that like white on rice.

Alright! Ciao guys!

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