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1 Oct

I am currently trying to write this blog post on my iPod and it is rather difficult to do so with this teensy little keyboard and my big ol’ thumbs and the really annoying spell-check thingy that changes my words when I honestly didn’t want them changed. I usually have the keyboard set to Swedish, but it kept on giving me umlauted u’s and accented a’s and all of those slovos.
Anyway, it is presently the weekend and I get to paint tommorrow, huzzah and good fuzzy things all around.
Been listening to Dungen for the freakin’ entire day and it just doesn’t get old, or maybe I just really enjoy Tio Bitar. I enjoy the little instrumental songs quite a bit, to be perfectly honest. Something in my soul yearns for that antiquated electric piano sound. And the flute…just divine.
Anyway, will properly blog tommorrow, if I have nothing to do during Yearbook class.
Ciao guys.


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