srs bsns

28 Sep

alright guys, the reason I haven’t been blogging for a while is this:

my computer’s monitor has fizzled out and I am left estranged without a computer to use. I do, however, have my iPod touch, which is a bloody godsend! It allows me to check both Facebook and my email! I can also read webcomics! Too many exclamations!

So thank you guys for hangin’ on for a while, I’ll resume my frantic blogging.

PASSION PIT. Ryan burned me Manners and oh my god I think I exploded multiple times from the pure awesomeness emenating from this album. It is so lovely. There are thousands of little laptop clicks and little synth-horn stings and little drummachine dumdumdums. It is so great. The dude who sings looks like a lumberjack and can sing so damn high it boggles the bloody mind.


Jamesey is currently yelling loudly about how hard his classes are, I am thinking to myself “man you are an overachiever and will not settle for less than an A, settle down man” but I don’t think I should tell him that as he may potentially eesplode.

My dog has been psycho for the last week and a bit, so my  mother looked in a Real Simple magazine (the same one, I might add, that mentioned those uber-music guitar-pimps called Kings of bloody Leon) and what ho, there  was an article about what not to feed your dog! And the effects!
Apparently grapes make your dearest furry friend lethargic: so now, my mother and sister have decided that we need to feed our dog grapes. No, mother. No.

I’ve been reading this webcomic called Jack, it involves furries, and even though I dislike said furries it is quite a good webcomic otherwise. It deals with things such as reincarnation and God and a green old bunny that happens to be both the Grim Reaper and the personified sin of Wrath. His name is Jack.
However, it is really, really sad; I’ll post a link to it on the Fab Webcomics page later. In the meantime, you can probably search Google and find it. The art gets better, I’ll assure you- and man it’s a freaking LONG webcomic and will probably take you a while to read. A long while- been reading it all weekend and still am about halfway through. Some parts, btw, are a little NSFW, so be wary- but there’s nothing too ridiculously bad.


That’s what Nikhil just said, yay.

Alright. Gonna look up some more My Morning Jacket eventually, also some Rokkurro, I’m gonna have to get another iTunes gift card soon enough.



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