tiny vessels

23 Sep

things are getting complicated, very complicated in my mind. There are dodecahedrons being drawn and diagrams with coloured string stuck up everywhere- I am confused about some things, but I will not write them here.

Anyway, Wil burned me The Queen Is Dead the other day and THANK YOU MORRISSEY for being amazing and lovely. One of the better records I’ve heard lately, I am ashamed that I have not actively seeked it out. Nothing, nothing to hate, though the first track is not my favourite out of all of the Smith’s songs.

However, I’m currently on an electronica rut, all the stuff I’ve been listening to (with the notable exception of Ra Ra Riot and Rokkurro) has been electronic- I found some more Passion Pit (their LP Chunk Of Change is mind-blowing, SERIOUSLY) and the newest of Montreal album is fairly okay, but I need to maybe go back to Death Cab for a while, since all this electronica is making my dreams become infused with laptop beatboxing noises. 

I have a test tomorrow, I am not looking forward to hell in paper form. I will survive.

Will blog about relevant stuff tommorrow.

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