high heels are devilspawn

18 Sep

seriously they are, they are terrible and give me blisters and make me feel like She-Hulk, seriously. Plus I cannot walk up stairs with them on because I can’t really walk up stairs all that well anyway.

I don’t know what the bloody hell to blog about, but yay my acquaintance Jake has burned me Passion Pit, I will rant about it later or whenever I track Jake down and say “HEY I NEED MY CD, MAN”, and he will probably do a very Jake-y sigh and hand it over, much to my joyful…joy.

I actually feel less terrible than yesterday. This is nice, as I was half-asleep while trying desperately to finish my Art History powerpoint from HELL and woke up feeling like a dog had chewed me up, crapped me out, and chewed me up again. I can say without having any experience whatsoever that this would be terrible and would scar me for life.

I want a freaking ice tea, I do not want to go to sailing, I am a complaining fuzzbucket of ick.

Wil is looking up bands beside me, there is one called And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead or some such slovos, I do not understand, let’s try to get to a relevant topic…

Still on a Dungen rut, I cannot stop listening to Tio Bitar because that Swedish psychadelica has firmly imbedded itself in my brain and will not come out. URRR URRR URRRRRR but C. whatever whatever is just such an amazing song urrrurrururu

Alright I’ll blog more later, ciao.

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