audrey told me to write this

17 Sep

She really did, I’m sitting next to her in Mrs. Grace’s room and being forcefully told to “PUT ME IN YOUR BLOG!! I READ IT EVERY DAYYYY!!” Alright, Audrey. Alright, you have been mentioned.

Anyway, I currently have the Yo La Tengo version of Raspberry Beret going round and round in my head, closely tailed by the Ra Ra Riot song I downloaded last night called Oh La. I cannot decipher most of the words to the latter, and the former I have not listened to enough to even know any of the words. It’s the curse, I tell you! All the songs that worm their way into my head are the ones that I do not know the lyrics to. In seventh grade I was running the required mile and I suddenly had the chorus of Beautiful Day by U2 get lodged firmly in my head and I COULD NOT GET IT OUT. I was singing “Beautiful day, don’t let it get away…uh blah blah blah…and the blah blah…” the entire time.

Wasn’t fun, I’ll tell you that much.

So right now I really should be working on an Art History powerpoint, but I am not nearly motivated enough to actually write more than some gibberish about Aegea. Come on. Minoan civilization was ridiculously cool, but I really don’t want to write paragraphs upon paragraphs about bare-chested snake goddesses.

My sister is watching So You Think You Can Dance in the next room and someone just screamed loud enough that I can hear them through my awesome headphones of awesome. Whaaaat. Is. So. Exciting.  I actually will admit that I have a tad bit of an addiction to that show, but come on, it’s just the AUDITIONS. Pheh.

But there was a little recap thingy about the ten best routines or something, and on one of the seasons there was a guy who looked EXACTLY EXACTLY like this dude from a (uh, interesting) webcomic:


The resemblance, I’m telling you, was uncanny. UNCANNY.

and disclaimer, I did not draw that, nor did I draw the webcomic it’s from.

Okay then, listening to the Decemberists and getting marginally more motivated. A Perfect Crime #2 is quite the song. I rather dig it, I think I may have to buy The Crane Wife in a few weeks. Or any time I get around to it, for that matter.

OH AND for all you “wannabe artists” out there, there is an art contest going on over at involving, among other things, a colouring book and free CDs and badges! WHAT COULD BE BETTER! (well, of course you kind of have to win and all, but…)

The due date’s October 15, which just happens to be my best friend’s birthday, YAY GENNA! I’ve already printed out my little colouring book page. The drawings are rather nice, though quirky, and dammit they make me want to move to Iceland.

Well that’s about it.


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