life the universe and everything

16 Sep

‘kay so on a bit of a Dungen listening rut, man I love those fiddle-infused random little instrumental songs. I feasibly could listen to the three records that I have for days on end- Tio Bitar is a lot better than I thought it was after a few listens. I cannot listen to the intro, though, as it is totally made of screeching angry guitars that apparently I have wronged in the past. Therefore I skip that song, and the rest of the album has absolutely nothing worth hating (unless you dislike Swedish and psychadelica.) Seriously, NOTHING to dislike here.

I currently have a little bit of a Post-It totem pole beside me, I’ll read off a few of the more interesting ideas stuck on it:

okay, there is Rokkurro there! Hurray!
I only know of Rokkurro because of extensive Youtube-sifting, looking through Sigur Ros videos. On one of their descriptions was a link to one of this band’s songs- and man, it’s nice. I have yet to buy any of their music, but the stuff I’ve heard is low and jazzy and has cellos in it- and Icelandic angel voices- and I think it is pretty awesome. Still on the fence about getting their debut album, but we’ll see how the cookie crumbles.

Also on my Post-It totem is a little scrawled one that says “Donnie Darko”: that is one of my absolute favourite movies of all time. I first saw it this summer and had no idea of what the hell was going on, but after repeated neurotic viewings (and a check to Wikipedia, I admit) I figured out the whole premise of the story. But you’ll have to watch it for yourself. Frank, however, is a scary-looking bunny, holy smuckers. I think I jumped a little in my seat the first time he appears on the golf course- man if I were Donnie I’d be out of there, not grinning maniacally at this creepy black-rabbit-man. Then again, Fred’s kinda inside Donnie’s mind so that makes it a little bit more complicated.

Downloading two songs right now, Beirut’s Elephant Gun (which I really should have gotten sooner) and Ra Ra Riot’s Oh La. I heard the latter on Sirius, fell in love enough to scribble it down and have gotten around to buying it. I guess later I’ll check on Blogotheque and see if they have any little concerts by them.

Blogotheque, for those who do not know, is a French website run by a few people based in Paris proper. Basically, what they do is film bands who come to Paris for tours or the like, but acoustic and playing  just on the street. Next time I go to France, I sincerely hope I run into, say, Vampire Weekend or Sigur Ros playing in the middle of the square, or (as Noah and the Whale did) in the metro, or…the possiblilities are endless! There is a video of the Kooks playing their (rather good) song Ooh La while walking along the street, and by the end they are surrounded by French fans singing loudly. It’s a little intense.

Currently listening to that Ra Ra Riot song, I think I like it more than before. How have I not heard of these guys before? I’m ashamed at my ignorance.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, I was contemplating putting my poems up here but decided against it. My condolences, dears.

oh picture:


Ciao guys.

One Response to “life the universe and everything”

  1. Ricardo Sebastian Ignacio IV 09/16/2009 at 9:06 pm #

    Soooo…. we still have to do this donnie darko movie night…

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