rejoice, internet gods

13 Sep

They have given me my blog back and I am very happy about it.

I’ve been listening to the Sirius radio station with indie stuff on it, and every time something I know about comes up on the playlist I do a sort of half-strangled squee and immediately turn it up. Yesterday the new Radiohead song “These Are My Twisted Words” came on while I was home alone; I had a Radiohead-fest for about three minutes, then got on with my life.  But man, that song messes with your head- it starts up seeming nice and slow, but then about five seconds in it speeds up and WHOA. First time I heard it it threw me off whack for a few minutes.

In other news, I am thinking about maybe doing something ridiculous for Hallowe’en, because damn more ridiculous things need to be done. I’m already going to be Sherlock Holmes at school (as many people know) but at the Hallowe’en party (if my parents consent to let me go) I am being some sort of fairy thingamajig. I will be wearing a skirt with feathers on it. FEATHERS.

I want to play more songs on my ukelele please give me suggestions because I don’t know enough ukulele songs, dammit. Also I finally listened to Boxer by the National all the way through about six times, there is nothing to hate about that record. The lead singer’s voice is deep and slow and very nice and sleepy, but when paired with the energy that is the rest of the band it gains a sort of…I don’t know, waking-dreamy quality that seeps into your head. Ada is such a great song- the lyrics are nice as well:

“Ada don’t talk about reasons
why you don’t wanna talk about reasons
why you don’t wanna talk-“

It’s neat how he makes it a little bit of a circle, and all that in front of a sort of flowing interesting piano loop. It’s good stuff, check it out next chance you get.

Also I will refrain from yelling more about Passion Pit until my aquaintance Jake revives his computer and burns me Manners. It is killing me not to talk about it, but I must hear the rest of this album in order to give a nice opinion.

So instead, Cold War Kids.
These guys are twentysomethings who just like to make noise- the catch being that it’s lovely barren simple guitar noise. There is always this mysterious emptiness surrounding their songs that makes the almost sharpness of the music stand out so much. It’s very cool stuff. They did a little LP of some of their new songs played live at their local record store, and damn I think it’s a helluva lot better than the stuff on the actual record.  The LP’s called “At Fingerprints” and seriously they should have played “Every Man I Fall For” like that on the studio version.

But I digress.

Also man I am looking forward to seeing both 9 and Zombieland, the former because TIM BURTON!!one!! and the later because of ZOMBIES!!ONE!!! Hopefully they both come to our theater, which is a bit of a gamble. Ah well.

um I think that’s enough for now, if I remember anything that I was going to add I suppose I’ll add it.



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