free freaking friday

11 Sep

I’m looking forward to the weekend. This week has been nothing but hard work and yoga (which is more hard work). I am going to be very happy when I get home and plunk Sufjan into my CD player. Lying on my bed listening to Decautur is probably one of the most relaxing things that I can do at home. I…I don’t want to even sail, I don’t want to even talk, I don’t want to…UR. Maybe I can convince my friends that I am far too exhausted to sail…nah, that’s not going to work. Here, I’ll write about something relatively productive.


Narwhals! They’re amazing!

I only remember random facts about them because I had to write a report about ’em in the fourth grade. Complete with a huge markered rendering of one proudly swimming through the open sea.

(okay maybe I just really wanted to fill up space with a picture)

BUT SERIOUSLY Kyle is standing above me telling me that narwhals are cool, so I guess that’s saying something. Whoohoohoo!

About the title, it is currently free friday at my house of learning and I am blogging in Mrs. Grace’s room. There are people randomly sticking their heads in. There is a maximum occupancy of sixteen and a half people. I actually kinda like this place, though I’m waiting for my music muse (Wil) to come walking in the door.


uh hang on, I had a great idea but it just disappeared into the ether. Wait! There it is- I’ve been writing poems. Rather good poems, to be exact. Blank verse poems that last almost half a page and are more angsty than I’d like to admit. you can find them on my dA, which can be found on the What Is this Nonsense page. Huzzah? Perhaps.

ur seriously though I had to draw some stuff for English and my tablet skills are getting rusty, what is with that. I’d better start drawing up the character designs that I drew earlier. They’re anthropomorphic months! It’s actually quite awesome, though I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with them. They’re fabulous fellas and gals. I will maybe scan the original sheets, as the redos that I’ve done aren’t nearly as good as the originals.

No new music at the moment, though I’m going to look up some more Slow Club and My Morning Jacket, and man next post I will be ranting about Interpol. Interpol=Modest Mouse with a conscience.

Ciao guys.


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