man internet why do you dislike me

10 Sep

Been trying to write posts for the last few days, apparently the internet has a personal vendetta against me. I do not understand this…this utter crap. My dad is going to call the phone company and figure out why the hell we cannot do things on our computer. For the interim, I’ll try to pop into the computer room at the house of learning and type up some stuff.

Listening to Radiohead right now, man Kid A is actually a great record, why didn’t I get it sooner. I use “man” too often, I need to stop that.

Anyway. Last night I decided to do a marathon of listening, started with the Spoon album Kill The Moonlight (which I’d never heard totally through, it’s actually pretty good for early Spoon) and ended with Beirut’s Flying Club Cup. 
oh and if you enjoy Sigur Ros live recordings off of Heima then you should probably definitely buy the album Hvart-Heim because man, Von and that…that other song with the piano and and ur I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s just beautiful. I stand fast by the idea that Jonsi is a tiny little whale of awesome. Like condensed whale. I’m…I’m not exactly sure how that works, but somehow it makes sense in my head. You shouldn’t take that for granted.

Actually sitting in Journalism class right now, I really should finish my article but I am not nearly empowered enough to carry on blathering about stuff. I wrote a freaking article about freaking narwhals before deciding it’s a little too esoteric and deleting the entire shindig with a single keystroke. I actually went through about six possible okay articles before realizing that I either knew far too little about what I was writing about, or far too much. Oh man Sufjan Stevens song just came on Shuffle, love this song, the title’s something about zombies. 

Now I understand why people find it so hard to write. I am lost for ideas that don’t involve a stream of conciousness. Perhaps I could, I don’t know, copypaste the Music Journal from DeviantArt onto a page, it’d certainly be long enough. But no, that’s already on Facebook, people will give me dirty looks and accuse me of being lazy (which I kinda am, so why am I worried about that…? Who knows.) . You know what, I’m just going to keep writing about what I was writing about, screw this. SCREW IT. 


(for some reason, whenever I type in all caps I picture someone yelling the words I’m typing directly into my ear. Loudly. It’s a little bit motivating in a strange sort of backwards way.)

I also need to get the CD burner fixed, or buy a new one already. My dad is not willing to get one until he researches every single possible candidate, I just want one that works and actually burns the CD. For god’s sake, it doesn’t matter if it’s also Bluetooth-equipped or it can burn things in Blu-Ray (why do companies like to use the colour blue so much? Bugs me.), I just would like it to maybe work correctly and let me play stuff on my ancient CD player living in my room. URR brain fart.

Alright, I think that’s nearly enough ranting for now, I’ll find some more stuff to talk about tomorrow. Dammit I keep spelling that word wrong and the computer puts a little red line under it almost condesendingly- like “look at you, you’re not even able to spell such a common word right. Shame on you. I can spell it right so I’ll just be a horrible non-sentient thing and tell you about it.” And look at that! I spelled condescendingly wrong and it’s still giving me the red line- it’s like the computer version of the finger.

“Speed up! Dammit that guy is going so slow-HEY! HE GAVE ME THE RED LINE!”

man I have too much time on my hands. Ciao guys.

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