H-hey what is up

8 Sep

I am currently just urururur right now, I’m not sure how exactly concious I am, but I am writing a blog post anyway. Hi there! If you’re reading this I congratulate you, especially if you just randomly clicked on this. Hopefully soon I’ll have enough posts to make a decent archive so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Anyway. Music ranting.

If you have not heard of My Morning Jacket well you need to pop over to Youtube right this instant and look them the hell up (why the random profanity? Why not?) because they are just LOVELY. They used to have crazy amounts of thrash hair, which was awesome and made the lead singer look a little bit like Cousin Itt, but that’s besides the point. They do that song called Golden (that I think everyone subliminally knows) with the little country-y slide lap guitar bits and the rather nice little intro fingerpicking. You’ll know it if you hear it…I think. If not, feel free to bombard me with bits of angry anger and maybe little plush dinosaurs.


(I was required to do that.)

Apparently (well, according to one of my friends) all my blogs sound a little the same. I tend to have a bit of a distinct writing style. I like to use too many commas, ’tis one of my shortcomings. If you want to see my old blog, you can find it here. It’s old, I don’t even remember the era where I was still updating it (though it was in the summer). It was actually probably written in  middle school, which is a time I don’t remember fondly (and try not to remember at all.)

Oh yeah, something I was going to mention before: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
There are many things that are great about these fellas. For one thing, Nick Cave wrote a book (I currently can’t recall the name of it, but it’s something like Alcoholism and….blank.) that apparently is very good, and which is on my Reading List (right after House of Leaves and James Joyce’s Ulysses). The band, however, is also amazing, and has very memorable lyrics, such as:

“Well Jerry Bellows, he hugged his stool
Closed his eyes and shrugged and laughed
And with an ashtray as big as a f***ing big brick
I split his head in half”
-O’Mally’s Bar

Well he certainly gets the point across, now doesn’t he.

AND on a totally different note (haha pun hahano) I have been a little infatuated with Fanfarlo, which I heard of via the Sigur Ros website email thingie. Is it wonderful? Yes! It’s like Okkervil River and some members of Beirut had a bandbaby, and that bandbaby made out with Noah and the Whale for a little while.
I’m sure my band etymology doesn’t really work very well, so  I’ll cut to a nice fancy picture:Russia

This, by the way, is Russia (or Ivan) from Axis Powers Hetalia, which is a ridiculously cute little online manga about anthropomorphic countries who embody all the steriotypes of their people. For instance, Canada is pretty laid-back most of the time but is always mistaken for America (plus he loves maple syrup and ice cream). America is loud, the other countries think he’s a little obnoxious, and he’s always (and I mean constantly) eating hamburgers. Germany is a buff guy with a buzz cut who is strict and constantly yelling at Italy, who’s only care in the world is eating pasta, pesto optional. England cannot cook, France is a womanizer, you get the idea.
It is so damn adorable. Just search “hetalia” on DeviantArt and you will be bombarded with adorable images of flippy-haired Italians and little glasses-d Americas nomming burgers like there is no tomorrow.

well anyway I think it’s time for me to go do something sort of productive, will blog more another day.



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