Pendulous Pachyderms

3 Sep

Alright then! This, my friends, is a blog! A blogging blog! A blog on which I shall blog!

(okay enough of that, I’ll cut to the proverbial chase.)

Anyway. Because I am not desiring any evil e-villains to kidnap me through my resident friendly glowing monitor, you all may call me Brosandi or even (if you know me from dA) Dame. Hell, if you call me anything other than Bruce I will answer. Long story about that, let’s move on.

So I decided to make a blog because the Creative Writing class at my, uh, place of learning has started about six, and I thought HEY THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!!!one!!!1!!

And here I am, bravely stalking the outskirts of the blogosphere in my skinny jeans and paisley t-shirt. I wish I had a hot-air balloon, it would make things so much better. Perhaps one of my aquaintences has one.

In case you’d like to know more about me, or at least what I allow to be leaked onto the interwebs, you should check, which is my current art account on dA. Currently I don’t have the time or the drive to make another account for poetry, so DameOfMaracas it shall be. The name has a little story behind it, which (again) I may or may not reveal later on.

So, until next post, I hope you giggled a little or (if you’re too manly for giggling) are relatively,  I don’t know, maybe a little thrilled with this thrilling piece of thrillage.

man I need to stop verbing and nouning adjectives.

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